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Someone’s Affection


Someone’s Affection is a stunning arrangement of beautiful online flowers bouquet combining elegant white and striking red roses. These roses are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and beauty, making them a truly special gift.

The bouquet features white-red roses, symbolizing purity, innocence, and new beginnings. These roses represent the pure and genuine love you have for someone special. The soft and delicate white petals create a sense of tranquility and grace.

The combination of white and red roses in this premium bouquet creates a visually pleasing online flowers in Lahore

Someone’s Affection Has The Following Items

  •  A bunch of 20 Red & White Roses
  • This Masterpiece Will Deliver To Your Door Step.
  • Product Design May vary. It All Depends On Product Availability.
  • Our Expert Florist makes this Design.
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