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J. Attar-e-Zaka


Introducing J. Attar-e-Zaka, a fragrance that captures the essence of purity and spirituality. This captivating scent opens with a burst of aromatic spices and uplifting citrus, instantly transporting you to a serene and sacred space. Delicate floral notes of rose and jasmine gracefully intertwine, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility. As it settles, a captivating blend of precious woods and warm amber emerges, creating a soothing and comforting aura. J. Attar-e-Zaka is a fragrance that resonates with the spiritual seeker, invoking a sense of inner peace and connection. Embrace the enchanting essence of J. Attar-e-Zaka and immerse yourself in the divine. Book a branded perfume delivery in Gujranwala

This Attar includes the following:

  • Oriental
  • Main Accords: Citrus, Musky, Amber, Vanilla
  • 6ml
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Junaid Jamshed Emerald Perfume


allure and elegance of a precious emerald gemstone. This captivating scent opens with a burst of fresh greens and uplifting citrus, instantly invigorating the senses. Delicate floral notes of jasmine and rose gracefully intertwine, adding a touch of femininity and sophistication. As it settles, a subtle infusion of earthy tones and warm woods emerges, creating a captivating and enchanting aura. Junaid Jamshaid Emerald Perfume is a symbol of timeless beauty and refined taste. Embrace the luxurious essence of Junaid Jamshaid Emerald Perfume and let your inner elegance shine. Order this fragrance of sophistication to send perfumes to Karachi from USA.

This Perfume includes the following:

  • Fruity
  • Main Accords: Sweet, Fruity, Powdery, Nutty, Almond, Woody
  • 25ml Bottle
  • Premium Perfume
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